Urban Park Upgrade Work – A Step Closer to Completion

The work to upgrade the Urban Park has continued this month, October 2018, with several major steps forward.

The installation of the electric supply to both the central Christmas Tree and the Stage has been completed. Events being held in all areas of the Urban Park will now benefit from this supply.

More significantly this Saturday, 13 October, the Stage was re-turfed. Fairfield Park Residents Company placed the contract with our new grounds maintenance contractor James Hislop & Co., firstly to remove the old failed turf and then to place new turf on the sides of the stage. Following a timely rain shower first thing the team from Hislop spent most of Saturday carefully placing the new turf around the mound. They also filled over the tunnel containing the electrical supply, and spread grass seed on the soil.

Watering – We are now at the start of wetter Autumn weather and it should be kinder to the turf, but there are plans in place to regularly water the new turf.

Over the summer the bench frames were painted and the wooden slats stained.

The flower beds still need clearing and planting, but work has started on this. The dead tree in the market area will be replaced at the appropriate time.

The ongoing maintenance of the Urban Park is split between the original contractor Kings Landscapes, who will be responsible for the market area and the planting until April 2019, and James Hislop & Co. who cuts the grass and carry out other requests.

Future Events – There are two major events planned to take place in the Urban Park in November:-

  • Firstly there will be a Remembrance Commemoration of the Centenary of the end of World War 1 on Sunday 11 November, with a non-denominational service, readings and poems, a Bag Pipe  Chanter,  planting of Poppies, The Last Post, and finally the lighting of a beacon.
  • The first Fairfield Food Market will take place on Saturday 17 November.

If you require any further details or have any questions please either use the ‘Contact Us’ page above or send an email to[email protected].