Trees on Fairfield Park

Trees on Fairfield Park

We are very lucky for such a new development to be surrounded by mature trees that give Fairfield a long-lived in feeling.

It is something the developers worked very hard at when they produced the Master Plan to which Fairfield was built. Many of the trees are considered to be of importance so that the main authority, Central Bedfordshire Council, has placed Tree Preservation Orders on many, particularly in the shelter belts that surround us.

But all trees require maintenance and annual checking to make sure they are safe, free from disease which could spread to others and not interfering with properties and the suchlike.

All trees are inspected annually by a qualified Arborist who submits their report to the Fairfield Park Residents Company. In it they highlight work under three categories – Urgent, Mid-term and Needed attention sometime soon.

FPRC always accept the recommendations without comment as we are not qualified. A Tree Planning Application is made to the planning department at Central Bedfordshire Council, for them to give approval for the work to trees covered by a preservation order. Once received the work is placed with a recognised team of tree surgeons.

For several internal reasons, submiting the tree report was very late this time. Consequently, public consultation is only just going ahead. Tree work, other than on dead or diseased trees, is not permitted during what is known as the “bird nesting season”. This starts on March 31 and goes on until September. However work during the latter period is often allowed provided the tree surgeons make a careful inspection of the tree before commencing work.

This means that much of the work listed will not take place until the autumn and will probably be combined in the 2020 report from the Arborist.

The current report can be downloaded from this link.