Play Area Equipment

Play Area Equipment

The highly popular and much used equipment on the six play areas on Fairfield came under the microscope when a complete examination of all equipment was carried out in a walkabout between Wicksteed, Scanlans and FPRA representatives.

All equipment was inspected from a safety and age point of view. Wicksteed advised that none of the equipment needed replacing immediately but that there is upgrading, cleaning and painting work necessary.

The upgrade and essential maintenance will start shortly, while the non-safety work of painting and cleaning will take place over the next couple of months.

Safety is of paramount importance and, in view of recent comments elsewhere, can we assure residents that the equipment at all play areas is regularly inspected by the suppliers Wicksteed who then submit a report to our property managers, Scanlans. The information boards in each play area will be replaced and display a new telephone number with which to contact Scanlans.

If any of the equipment is deemed unsafe during their investigations Wicksteed will take immediate action and either seal off the offending piece of equipment or close the area completely. The equipment will then be repaired. This was done last year at the Pirate Park when a piece of equipment on the play area was found to be unsafe and could have caused harm.

Non urgent work is scheduled by Scanlans for repair by Wicksteed. There was a long list of work that was identified at the recent meeting with Wicksteed, and we have asked that they are completed quickly. But no safety issues were found. This work includes:-

  • renewal of the snakes & ladder and spinner
  • repairing worn/broken wood and rubber on climbing frames
  • replacing the worn rubber floor matting
  • renewing the bearings in various spinners
  • cleaning the play equipment and floor surfaces
  • painting various pieces of equipment

If anyone has concerns regarding any of the equipment they can use the mobile number displayed on the board in each play area, email property manager Darren Pickering or contact the FPRA at [email protected].