Footpath closure between Dickens Boulevard and Eliot Way

Footpath closure between Dickens Boulevard and Eliot Way


Important remedial work is scheduled to start next week – on either Tuesday 19 February or Wednesday 20 February – on the footpath along the Eastern shelter belt that fronts Hitchin Road.

As this path is used by parents and schoolchildren attending the Ruskin Drive Lower School, work will not commence until 9.30am and they will aim to finish by 3pm each day.

The works involve repairs to the surface so parts of the footpath will be closed while each area is attended to. The contractors have assured us that any closure of the footpath will be kept to a minimum, and a representative of JLES will be on site to assist with access. If you have any further questions then please contact FPRA via email: [email protected].

Work will also be carried out to upgrade the street lamps along the Eastern Shelter Belt and there will be a new barrier around the balancing pond. The lamp posts along this footpath are of the type where they are lifted and are then bent over to carry out maintenance, at least three of the lamp posts are obstructed by trees from this procedure. It has been agreed that some trees will need to be removed to facilitate the lamp posts being maintained. However new trees will be planted in better positions to replace the ones that are removed.

The work is an important part of the handover of assets from developers to Fairfield Park Residents Company (FPRC). It is one of the final stages and brings the day closer when FPRC assets are handed to residents.

However, as we have thought the handover date was close for the last five years we are not holding our breath!