The plans to upgrade the Urban Park into a space that will enhance Fairfield and provide a space that can be used by residents, as well as look great, were finalised with the consultation of residents.

The construction phase actually started on Thursday 3 May, and it is anticipated that it will take between three and four weeks to complete. If you have any concerns or questions then please either use the Contact Us page or send an email to : [email protected].

Here is the proposal:

Uban Park








Below are photos of the upgrade works as they progress.

Thursday 24 May – The planting of the trees and shrubs proceeds, with new trees in the market area and shrubs in the corners of the park. The stage paving is progressing well.


Wednesday 23 May – The trees and plants arrive on site and planting starts.


Tuesday 22 May – The stage has been re-shaped to make it more usable and the stone paving has arrived and the laying of the paving has started.


Thursday 17 May – The second half of the market area has been laid, and the stage is being re-shaped to make it more useable. An electric supply will be run to the central Christmas tree and to the stage.


Monday 14 May – One half of the market area is laid and work is progressing on the second half.


Friday 10 May – The stage size is increased and sloping sides added. The next step is to cap the centre with the slabs.

Tuesday 8 May – The Stage takes shape

And the Market Place is excavated and ready to be filled with the hardcore


Friday 4 May – The Market Place takes shape. Several of the existing trees had to be removed as they were dying, but these will be replaced with many more trees when the upgrade is completed.


The stage will be constructed near to Fairfield Bowls Club


Thursday 3 May 2018 – Work commences