Urban Park Proposal

Urban Park Upgrade Proposals

The Urban Park was originally designed, laid out and planted by the developers of Fairfield Park. Since then, many residents and visitors have commented on the disappointing state of the park, with respondents to the 2015 Parish Plan Questionnaire describing it as ‘bland’ with the overwhelming response that it should be a focal point for the community.

As such, the FPRA, with the full support of the Fairfield Parish Council, are developing a plan to enhance the landscape, function and structure of the Urban Park, with the view to creating an interesting, usable and vibrant space which will be able to become a true asset to our village. The initial concept designs are shown here, and serve as a starting point for the redesign of the park.

The concepts and design ideas shown on the plans have been developed from comments which came out of the Parish Plan consultation, as well as through consultation with several local groups within the village. The concept plan has been developed by a local Landscape Architecture company who have experience in designing amongst other things, public parks, play areas and housing developments. In addition, the landscape architect who developed and discussed these plans with the various groups on the village has lived here in Fairfield Park for almost 10 years, and thus has a good understanding of the problems, potential uses and possibilities the Urban Park has to offer.

However, in the first instance, we would welcome your comments and questions on our concept designs. Detailed plans can be downloaded from this link.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or comments, by completing the form below.

Please ensure that your comments reach us by the 30th of April 2017.

Once we have received all the feedback, we will develop the designs further, taking into consideration the comments we have received.