Roads of Fairfield

Adoption of Roads

Many residents have expressed concern at the lack of action by developer’s in completing essential works on the Park. These will have to be completed before Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) will agree to adoption of roads etc.

However, the CBC cannot force the issue, it is up to the developer’s to approach them. Many residents have been “unofficially” attending to roundabouts and other areas to keep them neat and tidy. For some this has been going on for many years and it is time to stop! It was suggested that people continually ring their respective developer asking about progress.

Contact details for each developer are listed below :-

  • David Wilson Homes – [email protected] – 01604 784000.
  • Linden Homes – 01733 396678.
  • Persimmon (to include Charles Church and Westbury Homes) – Cliff Rowe of VTSW – [email protected] – 01767 602886 appointed by Persimmon to oversee all adoption, sewer and other works.
  • Taylor Wimpey (formerly Wimpey, Laing etc) – 0208 236 3800.
  • Liveseys – must be e-mailed to [email protected]
  • Kier Homes (formerly Twigden) – Justin Gaggini – Adoptions Manager – [email protected] – 01767 642500 (Ext.515).

As developers have now left the site the only way to get the final works done is to continually pester. So if you have an outstanding issue please telephone the appropriate number. If this done by each and everyone regularly they should soon get the message.

Roads so far adopted by CBC :-

  • Bronte Avenue
  • Dickens Boulevard
  • Emily Place
  • Earnshaw Drive
  • Edison Way
  • Faraday Gardens
  • Fleming Drive
  • Hardy Way
  • Heathcliff Avenue
  • Livingstone Way
  • Nightingale Way
  • Palmerstone Way
  • Paxton Drive
  • Salisbury Close
  • Stephenson Walk

If you have any issue on these roads then please report them to CBC. (Click Here) It is necessary to create an account to use this service.